Are you a fan of block printed Fabric and hand crafted fabrics? If so then you must appreciate the great skills put in designing and crafting the various fabrics in your stores. Such fabrics have gained a lot of popularity not only in the Indian market but also in the global market. This form of art has been used as a way to acknowledge the importance of traditional and the cultural diversity. Block print fabric by yard is a form of art has its origin in India. The products have been in the market for years and currently are still dominating the trends.

Consider color when selecting block print fabric

The increase in demand has led to the challenge of counterfeit products flooding in the market. Before settling for a fabric, you should consider the color of the patterns in the block print fabric. Different dyes have varying durability. Depending on the actual purpose of your fabric, you may be required to make a choice depending on the traffic in the room where the fabric will be The color should also be thought of in regards to the room in question. Color determines the ‘warmth’ and mood in a room.

Patterns and thread count

Apart from the dye used in the block print fabric by yard, the pattern is the most visible aspect of the fabric. Patterns play a major role in determining how to actually use the particular fabric. The scale of the pattern is expected to be directly proportional to the room size. Large patterns usually look classy in large rooms. The thread count is used when determining how tightly woven your fabric is This becomes very instrumental in determining the average rate of wear and tear of such a fabric.


Fade resistance of the used dyes

Quick fading of the dyes is a sure indication that it is a counterfeit product. This is not to mean that when you fail to take care of your block print fabric you blame it on the manufacturers dye. Select your fabric’s dye with consideration of how you intent to use it If for instance it will be exposed to direct sunlight then you out to buy a fabric that is sunlight resistant.


Other factors to be considered before settling for a fabric are tailoring, affordability and performance characteristics. I would recommend products sold by shivalaya Jaipur. They are not only quality products but also come at a favorable pricing. Honestly, they offer the best deal on block printed fabrics you can get in the market. Online shopping will prove convenient all the way.